Friday, August 26, 2011

Start Greenhouse Farming in Botswana


Want to start Greenhouse farming in Botswana? Then look no further. We have the most cost effective solution for you.
At Shelton Investment pty we offer a wide choice of Greenhouses to cater for different needs. Our Greenhouses come in different sizes:
  • 8M X 15M
  • 8M X 24M
  • 8M X 30M
In case our customer requires a different size of Greenhouse, we are flexible and ready to work with the customer to meet their specific needs. We understand that the cost of acquiring a Greenhouse can be prohibitive and that is why we offer cost-effective solution whereby we can construct wooden tunnel Greenhouse for farmers who cannot afford the metal tunnel. 

When it comes to Greenhouse we:
  • We provide complete Greenhouse solutions in Botswana
  • We supply metal Greenhouse Tunnels in Botswana
  • We construct wooden Greenhouse for farmers looking for cost effective Greenhouse solution in Botswana
  • We supply Greenhouse plastic films in Botswana
  • We sell Greenhouse UVA diffused film in Botswana
  • We help farmers in Botswana set-up their Greenhouses
For more information, please contact us:
Shelton Investments pty
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3997 Gaborone, Botswana
Tel: 74007271


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